Sustainable Investing with Screen17

Our solution supports investors to manage ESG risk and SDG performance.

The 17 SDGs illustrate how broad the topic of sustainability is, ranging from climate change and workforce diversity to sustainable cities.

A common goal:
compliant investments

We support investors with data to satisfy various sustainability frameworks, including the EU SFDR regulation.

Customer Groups

asset owners

Asset Owners

Designing and assessing investment sustainability performance across your entire portfolio. We offer customisable views for individual portfolio criteria.



Providing ESG data and integration support aligned with the SDGs, completely customisable to your specific requirements from screening, SDG and sustainability driver performance to product design.



Integration based on your unique sustainability data requirements, to enable and support your clients successfully.

Our goal

is to help investors make active use of our framework to benefit from profitable environmental and social opportunities for a better world.

Sustainability data, rich customisation capabilities

We derive uniform scores within a portfolio of the sustainability drivers, for the  17 SDGs, as well as an overall SDG score for the portfolio and/or benchmark.

The data showcases the positive and negative drivers or factors to understand sustainability risk and impact. This includes:

  • Uniform scores with drill-down capabilities for sustainability driver attribution
  • Norms-based screening against minimum standards of business practice based on both internationally recognised standards and client preferences
  • ‘Green list’ definition = applying sustainability criteria for initial screening of eligible investments
  • Fund and ETF look-through capabilities
  • Product design templates (Article 8, 8+ and 9 products)

Integration Services

Web App

Portfolio screening and monitoring


Batch portfolio screening on a customisable schedule


Automatic interactive exchange of updated sustainability data sets


Full service implementation model with consulting, training and on-going support

Focusing on the SDGs in an investment strategy does far more to solve the problem than a traditional ESG approach. Our solution provides the evidence needed to create confidence in achieving a sustainable investment strategy.